If you, like many Utah residents, have recently become unemployed, chances are you have questions about how and where to get help.  Utah Unemployment Insurance is temporary income for qualified workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are either looking for full time work, in approved training, or awaiting recall to employment.  I started this blog in order to help others learn how to access Utah Unemployment Benefits.

How do I qualify for Utah Unemployment Benefits?

In order to receive Utah Unemployment benefits, you must:

1)      Be partially or totally unemployed through no fault of your own;

2)      Be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US;

3)      Have sufficient earnings in the base period (the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters) to establish a monetary entitlement;

4)      Have worked and been paid wages for employment in at least two of the base period quarters that are being used;

5)      Have earned at least $3000 in total wages in the base period and earned 1.5 times the high quarter or have at least 20 weeks of work earning at least $150 each week during the base period. The weeks do not need to be consecutive weeks of employment;

6)      Have a valid Utah claim;

7)      File a weekly claim;

8)       Be able and available for full-time work; and

9)      Be willing to actively seek full-time work.

How do I apply for Utah Unemployment Benefits?

You may apply for Utah Unemployment benefits online at http://jobs.utah.gov/ui/

You may also file by telephone between 7:00am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

·         Salt Lake County, call 526-4400

·         Utah County: 375-4067

·         Weber and North Davis Counties: 612-0877

·         Balance of state or out of state, Toll Free: (888) 848-0688

You will need to provide:

·         Your Social Security number;

·         A valid Driver’s License or state issued identification card;

·         If you are not a citizen of the United States, your Alien Registration number and card;

·         The business names, complete addresses including zip codes, and phone numbers of all employers for whom you worked during the last two years;

·         The dates your work started and ended for those employers;

·         An estimate of your total gross earnings from those employers;

·         The reason you are no longer working for those employers; and

·         If you have worked active military duty for at least one day in the last two years, you will need your DD214, Member 4, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.

How much Utah Unemployment Insurance benefits will I receive?

The first four of the last five completed quarters of wages will be used to determine your weekly benefit amount. Only covered wages in those quarters will be used. Wages from self-employment will be excluded.

The highest quarter during your base period divided by 26 determines the benefit amount you will receive per week of unemployment, up to a maximum of $444 for new claims effective on or after January 4, 2009.

If approved, you may receive a minimum of 10 weeks of unemployment benefits, up to a maximum of 26 weeks; however, this period can be extended by law.

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